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Hello to all,

Thank you for your prompt answer.I am a Gp within the first 5 years of residency.I am also a co-presenter in a workshop (59 -my homeland is lost,my health is frail),that has been accepted to your conference.We are 2 students and 2 young GPs as myself.We all come from Greece and we ve been very enthousiastic about our participation.

 I would like to ask-is the price of our registration 200 0r 250 usd?

2) until when can we submit our payment?

3)through debit card is it possible

  I am at your disposal ,thank you in advance for everything!

            Kind Regards,

                      Alexandra Tsipou

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Thank you for posting on this forum. Your query has been addressed through a support ticket submitted by  Vasilakis Dimitrios.

Payment through debit card is accepted (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB, Union Pay, Visa Electron)

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 I am glad to read it.

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